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Skip Rental | Skips For Rent | Renta Skip – Skip rental to the public, renta a skip to remove your rubble quickly and easily. Our skips for rent will help you dispose of your rubble, you fill and we collect the skip. Making your life easy and not having to worry about getting rid of your waste or construction rubble.

Our specialty at Skip Hire Group

Our specialty at Skip Hire Group is to provide skip rental aimed at reducing your cost of disposal of waste and rubble, and its removal. Whether it is a home renovation, complete spring clean or a commercial property development, we have skips for rent that will suit your needs and budget perfectly!

When you choose to rent a skip from us, we will give you an upfront fee so that you will know in advance exactly what to budget for in terms of removing your rubble, building waste or garden refuse, without any hidden costs being incurred.

We make skip rental simple

We make skip rental simple, efficient and cost effective, as well as ensuring that your waste or rubble removal is done in an environmentally friendly way. Skip Hire Group offers skips for rent in various sizes, so that we make it easier for you to utilise the space available to you for rubble removal. In a built up area, or areas like hotels, housing complexes or shopping centres, we will tailor your skip rental to fit where there are restrictions on sizes, weights and heights of trucks.

Need Skip for 24 hours, or Longer?

Whether you need to rent a skip for 24 hours, or a longer period, either as a once of skip rental, or as a recurring service, we will accommodate you in order to make skips for rent the best solution to remove any waste or rubble.

Commercial & Private Building

Skip Hire Group caters to the commercial building industry, as well as to the private individual, in order to make waste management simple and effective in all aspects of skip rental.

Municipal by-laws and restrictions at landfill and dump sites can be tricky, however, Skip Hire Group remain up to date with the working of these strict dumping procedures, and, with our expertise, your waste will be disposed of using proper measures and practices in place.

Small to Medium Contractors

Small to medium contractors who do not maintain their own fleet of trucks also benefit greatly by using skip rental as they move from project to project, cutting down on wear and tear on vehicles, as well as saving time and money, enabling them to leave each project in pristine condition. There are many ways in which using skips for rent are of benefit, not the least being that rubble and waste will not become an unsightly or dangerous build-up, either around your commercial property or project, but around your family home.

By engaging the services of Skip Hire Group for skip rental, you will be ensuring a clean, environmentally efficient, time saving and cost effective method of rubble and waste removal.